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Everything is virtual these days, including classes. But the problem is most kids can’t focus in a virtual class setting, so kidafterschool is here to solve that problem. We offer virtual one-on-one classes with highly qualified teachers to ensure your child receives a personalized session.

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Get the Best fit Teachers for you Child

The platform’s algorithm matches your kid with the right teacher to ensure your kid is appropriately engaged. The AI starts learning about the child’s interests, likes, dislikes, so taking more sessions will ensure your future sessions are even more personalized.

You can schedule a session whenever it is convenient for both your kid and you - after school, weekends, holidays. There is always an excellent teacher waiting to help your child with their specific needs.

Who We Are

Every Child is Special and needs to treated accordingly

Kids learn at varying speeds because every kid is unique. It’s not always easy for parents to know which level to place their kid. For example, if your kid is a 6-year-old, they might know Math at a 6-year-old level, English at a 5-year- old level, Writing at a 4-year-old level. Only a certified teacher can correctly assess your kid. During the first session, a teacher will evaluate a kid with a scoring card to appropriately place them and create customized classes. These scoring cards also ensure that your kid’s future sessions fit your kid’s current needs.


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Kidafterschool’s vetted process ensures only kindergarten, elementary school certified teachers with virtual teaching experience teach on the platform.

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